A Taxwise Giving Opportunity

Don't miss the chance to make a charitable IRA gift this year! If you are 70½ or older and own a traditional IRA, please consider making an IRA charitable rollover gift this year. A gift of up to $100,000 made from your IRA to us will:

Contact us or your plan administrator to make a qualified transfer from your IRA to us.

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Planned Giving

Planned Giving

Society of 1836

The Society of 1836 provides recognition of individuals who have made arrangements through their estate plans for Emory & Henry. Following are those who are members as of July 2020:

Ms. Lorraine N. Abraham
Mr. and Mrs. A. A. Adams
Mrs. Ti Alley
Virginia F. Alley
Mrs. Katherine G. Andrew
Robert Carter Aylor
G. Craig Baker and Deborah M. Baker
Jean Harvell Baker
William R. Ballance, Jr.
Eugene M. Bane, Jr., O. D. and Rebecca F. Bane
R. M. "Tommy" Barber and Mrs. Shelia Greever Barber
Mrs. Virginia Rowland Barker
Keith A. Baumgardner
R. Jerry Beck
Jane R. Bellamy
Bill G. and Cathy Massey Bennett
Samuel C. and Margaret S. Berry
Sandy Bolling
Carolee Bondurant
Dr. Edward L. Boye
Mr. A. Kennard Brewster
Mrs. Anne Hubble Britton
Elizabeth Ann Ehlshlager Brown
Norma J. and G. Vincent Brown, Jr.
George William and Reba Dowdy Burkett
Diann Cramer Butler
John W. Butler, Jr.
Mrs. James W. Carrier
Dr. William J. Carter
David N. Castle
Hobart G. and Addie-Lou Cawood
Barbara P. Chavatel
D. Jeffrey Coale
Sally Cook
F. Joseph Copenhaver, Jr. and Karen L. Copenhaver
Mrs. Preston Copenhaver
Ms. Janet L. Culbertson
S. I. Daily, Sr.
Carol Davis
Mr. Henry C. Dawson, Jr.
Jean Elliott Dillon
William H. Dillon
H. Phillip Dingus
Stephanie Balarzs Douglas
Mr. David W. Driver
Mrs. Sarah Kent Blakemore Drummond-Schell
A. Karl Ehlshlager
John E. Eldridge
Mr. Joseph F. Ellis, Jr.
Ms. Barbara Mann Emison
Philip and Linda Greenig Ernst
Ms. Jill L. Fachilla
Donna M. Fanelli
Ms. Suzanne G. Fields
Tim L. Fields
Dr. Stephen L. Fisher and Ms. Nancy Garretson
Ms. Anne Christina Fleming
Mr. Steven F. Galyean
Wilson A and Kaycy Conley Gay
Pamela Roberts Gibson
Earl R. Gieseman III
Arthur J. Glockner
Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Goss, Jr.
Mark Russell Graham
Mr. Robert A. Graham
Dr. Rosemary Gray
Mrs. Anne Young Graybeal
J. Patrick and Jill L. Graybeal
Bobby F. Griffin
Faye Louise Grindstaff
Mary Wilson Grindstaff
Dr. James Ronald Groseclose
Gary W. and Elizabeth Mansell Hall
Mr. Wayne Hamilton
Mrs. Barbara Hammond
Betty Looney Hampton
Ray Hancock
Mr. Matthew Charles Hankins
Dr. and Mrs. Robert F. Harman
Mrs. Harold W. Harris
Barbara Young Harrison
Jane Vernon Harter and Edward R. Harter
Thomas E. and Cynthia Whittaker Haskins
Lynda Jones Hawkins
Ms. Daphne A. Haynes
James A. Helm, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. H. Kirk Henry, Jr.
Mr. William Paul Herald, Jr.
Buddy O. and Susan Herring
Monica S. Hoel
Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert W. Holmes III
Ms. Jane Strate Hopson
Mrs. Kyoko Ushio Huber
Hugh W. Huff, Jr.
Sara Rowan Huggins
Elizabeth Farris Hulcher and Gregory P. Hulcher
Dr. Victoria Wilson Hunnicutt
Dr. E. Stephen Hunt and Mrs. Edeltraut Gilgan-Hunt
Mrs. Eleanor Hall Hutton
Mr. Bradley W. Jessup
Daniel Lee Johnson and Kathie Baker Johnson
David A. Johnson
Jane C. Johnson
Joe and Mary A. Johnson
Dr. and Ms. A. Heath Jones III
Dr. and Mrs. R. Martin Jones
John Owen Joyce
Douglas W. and Penny F. Kanney
Robbie Kaselitz
Dr. Teresa D. Keller
Frederic R. and Jeannette Boykin Kellogg
Andrew D. Key
Dr. Doris Kilgore
Marsha Madrano Killam
Ms. Ronan D. King
Mrs. Janice McClellan Kuenning
June Bostic Lane and Edward S. Lane, Jr.
Wayne Reed and Linda Aker Lane
Mrs. Rosa R. Lemmon
Dr. James F. Litton
Mrs. Sarah McCain Lomax
Rev. David B. Looney
Bishop Richard C. Looney
Eugene H. Lovell and Frances C. Lovell
J. Thomas and Cindy Fairburn Lundy
Sallie Walls Malinak
John Markey II
Mrs. Norma Jean Markey
Anna Buchanan Martin
Laura Lee Mason
Allison B. Mays
Elizabeth A. McClanahan
John McClave
Dr. Joseph and Mrs. Beth Perkinson McCoy
Mr. Thomas D. McGlothlin
Mrs. Verna B. McLain
Gregory C. McMillan and Dirk S. Moore
Jake Z. McNabb
Eugene J. Meyung
William C., Jr. and Sylvia O. Mooney
James D., Jr. and Judith S. Moore
Dr. Thomas R. Morris
Mrs. Geraldine Grubbs Murphy
William Louis Naehle
Rev. Charles T. and Mrs. Brenda N. Neal
Dr. Cecil M. Nelson
Karl and Ellen Netting
Mr. O. Wayland Overstreet
Mr. J. Richard Peery
William B. Pendleton
Charles B. Phillips
Captain Thomas A. Phillips III
Patricia Pensworth Pollard
Mr. and Mrs. Paul A. Powell, Jr.
Carol W. Pruner
Daniel L. Puckett
Dr. and Mrs. Charles M. Quillin, Jr.
Claire Franklin Rasor
Mrs. Margaret Reasor
Mrs. C. W. Reed
Gary and Cindy Reedy
Mrs. Josie Reid
Dr. John Marvin Reynolds
Emmett V. Richardson, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. J. Carroll Richardson
Mrs. Bok Jum Chun Rim
Mrs. Mary Beth Rodgers
Mrs. Joyce Rolston
Jack and Rita Roper
Susan Jones Ross
Mrs. Agnes T. Rowlett
Martha G. Rowlett
The Rev. David T. and Mrs. Marcia St. Clair
Mark Alan Samples
Robert Ray Samples
Edith Schermerhorn
Henry F. and Kaye Pope Schwarzmann
Ms. Joy Scruggs
Scott and Donna Seagle
Frank A. Settle, Jr. and Cecile West-Settle
Mary Lou James Sewell
Elizabeth Strader Shamburger
Judge William R. Shelton
Scott and Felicia Sikes
Mr. and Mrs. James L. Sink
Mr. and Mrs. Billy E. Sluder
Mr. Robin and Ms. Jill Smeltzer
Mrs. Jennie Pruner Smith
Sid A. Smith
Trevor Dangerfield Smith
Dr. Gregory W. Snodgrass
Michael Snow
Eve S. Solomon
John W. Sparger
Mr. James C. Spraker
Mr. Curtis D. Spriggs
Edward S. Sproles, Jr.
Mr. W. Edward Stafford
Charles W. Starks
C. Kenneth and Margaret Mustard Stickley
Mrs. Lynda S. Stuart
Mrs. Mary B. Stuart
Mr. Charles L. Sult
Dr. Charles W. Sydnor, Jr.
B. B. Taylor, Jr. and Hilda R. Taylor
Joseph P. Taylor
Burl W. Thomas
Michael L. Thomas III and Jennifer L. Thomas
Mrs. Susan Tickle Thompson and Mr. Robert D. Thompson
Thomas W. and Vivian Humphreys Todd
Mr. Roderick O. Uveges
Donna Proffit Vaughn and Stephen Vaughn
Carolyn and Bernard Via
Mr. Harold A. "Hal" Weeden
Marc and Bookie West
L. Carole Wharton
James and Charlyne Raines White
Robert White
Mr. George A. Whitley
Dr. and Mrs. John Willis
Ramona Peters Witzgall
Lucile A. Wright
Mr. Roy P. Young
Dr. and Mrs. Dan H. Zimmerman
G. Andrew and Nancy Zirkle
11 anonymous members